The Internal Hold Of External Things

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It has a hold on all of us. We place value and worth on our things when in the end it’s just stuff. That last sentence is easier to type than to live out.

Our emotional attachment to our stuff may cause us to feel important or appear in a positive light to our peers. Our emotional attachment might have sentimental value because of the memories associated with the object.

Getting rid of external things does not necessarily free us of their internal hold.

We can be greedy with twenty thousand items or twenty in our home.

We can simplify and still be greedy.

This is why becoming the best version of ourselves is less about what you are decluttering (though important) and more about who you are becoming.

Ask yourself:

What external stuff has an internal hold on my life?

What were the first three objects that came to mind? Take a moment to write them down.

Now ask:

What’s causing me to want to keep these items? Write down your answers.

Then ask:

If I let go of these things, how will this simplify and add value to my life?

Honesty is the key to living life emotionally, physically, and spiritually free. Being honest with ourselves about what has a hold on us and is getting in the way of what’s most important.

Emotional decluttering is a daily journey for me. It’s looking internally, every day and asking with complete honesty “What am I holding on to? And What do I need to declutter in every area of my life?.”

What I have experience on my journey of living with less, is every time I simplify externally, something is simplified internally in my head and heart. So this question has had a great impact on my life.

The hold of the external becomes less and less as we walk the path of gaining emotional, physical, and spiritual freedom but I don’t believe it ever goes away.

This is a great juxtaposition.

The taunt is that the external is always with us.

The more we simplify, the more we can focus on the essential things like our relationships, and our emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing, and the quieter the voice of the external becomes.

Question: How did the above questions help you to identify and address external items that have an internal hold? I would love to hear from you! Leave me a comment below.

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