Rhythm and Flow

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Rhythm: a strong, regular, repeated pattern of movement or sound.

Having a RHYTHM to our life is a wonderful way to maintain practical, simple, living, and keep our lives focused on what matters most.

Our RHYTHM are the reoccurring appointments on our calendar and the regular routines we follow every day.

Yet, there are times when our RHYTHM is interrupted by life.

Life is not static. It's always moving, changing and shifting interrupting our scheduled RHYTHM.

It's in these moments we learn to pivot from the structure RHYTHM to the pliable state of FLOW.

FLOW: Being abundantly present.

FLOW is our ability to bend, move and maintain focus and clarity on what's most important when our life rhythm is disrupted.

It's ok to let things go and take a break from our RHYTHM when life piles on the unexpected.

The reason our stress level goes up is that we still feel we need to cram in our RHYTHM on top of the unexpected interruptions which instantly kills our ability to enter into a FLOW.

Most days our lives clip along to the RYTHM we have scheduled with little or no interruptions.

This past week I was unable to write or record new podcasts due to life interruptions even though I had scheduled appointments for writing and recording on my calendar. I needed to FLOW with what life had for me instead of trying to make my planned RHYTHM fit.

I could have become stressed out and tried to get everything done. I know If I had attempted to get it all done it would have been because of the false expectations placed on myself not because I had to.

Like the stream of a river, I maintained a relaxed state of FLOW and made the most of my experience looking for ways to be abundantly present focusing my attention on who was in front of me rather than having my thoughts somewhere else trying to figure out how to ensure my RHYTHM schedule was maintained.

  • RHYTHM helps us maintain structure in our lives.

  • FLOW helps us focus on the important things regardless of our structure.

  • RYTHM helps us stay on top of everyday tasks/chores.

  • FLOW reminds us to let go of RHYTHM when the unexpected shows up.

  • RHYTHM sets the pace of our day like the rising and setting of the sun.

  • FLOW permits us to ignore our daily pace to focus on the present moment.

  • RHYTHM is the daily steps we take towards our goals.

  • FLOW reminds us that our goals will be there tomorrow.

Question: How do you manage life's rhythm and flow?

KC Cupp