Our Life Lens And Self-Awareness [Blog Post]

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Every day when we walk into work, we bring our lens that we view the world through.

This lens filters our coworker's words and actions based on our life experiences, both positive and negative.

Acknowledging this lens is the first step towards creating an environment of self-awareness.

Self-Awareness is the conscious knowledge of our character, feelings, motives, desires, good and bad habits.

These are the drivers that make you, you.

Most problems in the workplace are due to an individual or groups inability to be self-aware.

When we are unwilling to examine our character, feelings, motives, desires, and habits, we set ourselves and others up for a toxic work environment.

Becoming self-aware requires monitoring our inner self and can seem like crazy new-age BS but trust me it's not.

When we have a heightened awareness of how we behave we can

When we monitor how we behave, we learn our strengths, weaknesses, where we are insecure, fear losing control or are simply a jerk to others — all great things to know.

Becoming more self-aware takes time, attention to truly analyze ourself.

The first step in becoming self-aware is to answer the following question honestly:

Self-Awareness Questions: 

  • Is there a certain people group I have labeled and consider them "Not Like Me?" 

  • Is there anywhere I am befitting from the injustice and inequality of others? 

  • Where am I unwilling to see? 

  • Where do I fear losing power or control?

  • What conversations am I unwilling to have and why? 

  • What can I do today to help bring about change?

KC Cupp