Five Steps To A Healthier Lifestyle

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If we want to be healthy, we have to create a culture of health and fitness in our life that is simple, practical, and attainable and this happens gradually, over time in small, bite-sized increments.

We live in a culture of instant results, instant gratification and hate waiting. We must be honest with ourself, and admit that the shape we are in today did not happen instantaneously. It happened gradually, over time with each daily choice.

The good news is, today is a new day! We can begin again right now.

Here are five steps to follow for living a healthier lifestyle:

1. Have a more significant reason to take care of our body than just being healthy. Find your "WHY."

We want to live a long healthy life with our family and be able to play with our grandkids

someday. This vision gives us a more significant reason every day to stick to our health


2. Keep healthy snacks (that you enjoy the taste of) with you at ALL times.

We know one of the quickest ways to derail our healthy eating is not having healthy snacks with us in-between meals. We have cashews, apples, in our car at almost all times.

3. Cook at home as much as possible

Cooking at home not only helps us control what we eat but also create high connecting points with your family. If you need to eat out, have a plan before you get to the restaurant.

Knowing what you can eat at your favorite restaurant puts you in control of your health at all times.

4. We have accountability

Recruit those that are close to you and love you to hold you accountable with your health goals. Fill them in on everything you are doing and want to accomplish.

5. Begin taking small steps to exercise

Take a walk or a short jog around the block and then do it again every other day until you are walking a few miles or running a few miles.

Creating healthy habits is about small, consistent choices each day that compounds to develop a healthy lifestyle.

KC Cupp