Clarify Your Vision

“Make it safe to “speak truth to power” at all levels of the organization; encourage your team to tell you when you are wrong. - Kim Scott (4).png

Do you have a clear vision for your company?

Vision paints a picture of where the organization is heading and what it will look like when they arrive. Your vision articulates where you aspire to be.

A written vision gives everyone a mental image of what's to come.

Vision is a mental picture of what could be, fueled by a passion that it should be. - Andy Stanley

The purpose of your vision statement is to challenge your team to stretch and reach higher. It's meant to be time-bound and tangible, inspirational, and aspirational.

We live in a very fast-paced world, and technological advances can bring disruptions and change our industry almost overnight. In today's world, leaders need to be adaptable, agile, and able to shift quickly.

I recommend writing a vision statement that is projected out only twelve to eighteen months at a time that aligns with your purpose and values. This allows you the flexibility to shift and change as the market fluctuates.

Remember, your organization's purpose and values never change, but the vision is always changing as you reach your desired outcome.

KC Cupp