Are you too busy or wasting time?

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31536000, this is how many seconds we have in a year — over thirty-one million seconds.

How are you spending time?

Everyone has the same amount of time.

Twenty-four hours in a day, three hundred sixty-five days in a year. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

If we all have the same amount of time, why do we say things like “I’m too busy, “ or I don’t have enough time”?

If we all have the same amount of time, why do we make these statements? Because most of us are wasting time.

We spend way too much time trolling social media, watching Netflix, TV, Hulu, Cable, surfing the web or just choosing to do other things instead of what we know we should be doing at work or home.

We fail to prioritize our day around what will move us toward being able to do what we want to be doing.

Here’s what I mean, there’s nothing wrong with doing the activities listed above the key is to be intentional as to when and how long we spend doing them.

So how can we be more intentional with our time?

Try a time audit.

A time audit will help you to answer the questions: When should I be doing this and how long.

When I do a time audit, I track my activities throughout the day in fifteen-minute increments for three to four days; this gives me a great snapshot of how I spend my time.

I believe much of the stress we carry in our life is due to how we spend our time.

We procrastinate and push off what we need/should accomplish to alleviate stress in our life by scrolling social media, watching TV, surfing the internet, etc. adding to our stress load because we’re ignoring the important things.

If you don’t track your time, you’ll never know where it went.

A time audit highlights the patterns and habits that contribute to wasting time. You may find that every day after work you come home, eat dinner, and sit on the couch the rest of the night.

Having a relaxing evening isn’t a bad thing; it’s when we develop a pattern of wasting hours in front of the television that leads to excessive time-wasting and added stress.

Ask yourself:

  • What would happen if I took thirty minutes from the evening and exercised?

  • What if I took thirty minutes when I arrived home from work and picked up the house?

  • What if I spent time reading a book for fifteen minutes?

  • What if I spent fifteen minutes talking with my spouse/kids about their day or if you’re not married spent time calling a friend or loved one to check on how they are doing?

  • The above suggestions take only an hour and a half of your entire day- 90 minutes out of your whole day.

  • What if you went to bed a half-hour earlier and woke up a half-hour earlier and spent fifteen minutes of the thirty planning your day over a cup of coffee?

How would you feel after following through on the above tasks each day?

What would you add to the list?

Are you too busy or just wasting time?

Try doing a time audit to access areas where you may be wasting time unknowingly and then add in the positive activities that will help you feel on top of your schedule and less stressed.

KC Cupp